Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rolling Over

I am in the process of rolling over my Roth IRA into a fund with Fidelity. It is called Fidelity's Emerging Market Income Fund. I have a friend who is in this fund and loves it. The fund pays a monthly dividend of $.065 a share it has also grown an average of 12% a year, not too bad. If I were to buy into this fund today, I would make $30 a month in dividends, which is $360 a year just on dividends, not including capital gains or growth. Pretty awesome.

I am looking to do this because I somehow lost $400 in my Roth with USAA last year. I am not quite sure how and I am going to call about it to see what is going on. I am hoping that we will see a real nice return being in this fund this year.

I made a mistake in yesterday's update. We paid off $1,081 in principal last month. I forgot I updated my loan payment earlier in the month.

This loan payment will not have a lot go to principal. Since we focused so much on my wife's loans, my interest has accumulated to $200. Ugh!


  1. Not sure where your comment went Tanner.

    The expense ratio on my other fund was 1.43% with USAA. That is really high. FNMIX is not too bad compared to the average within its category. Moreover, I do not mind paying a higher expense ratio if I see activity in the fund. This one has returned 12% on average with some very nice dividends and capital gains on the side. I am definitely please with it.

    Which funds are you looking into?

  2. You disappeared!