Friday, September 19, 2014

My Wife's Loans are Paid Off!!

It has been a LONG time, but I wanted to let everyone know that we have paid off my wife's loans in their entirety.

We had some extra money this month, approximately $8,257 and we decided to pay it to the loans. We are going to NYC in October to celebrate paying them off. 

We will stay focused, but this is a BIG victory for us. We have $32,750 left on my student loans. Hopefully those will be gone in the next year and a half. 

We will also bought a rental property last month as a long-term investment; 3/3 with $1,200 a month in income at The University of Georgia. 

I am hoping this provides me with motivation to post again. So sorry for the lack of updates on our end. 

Hope everyone is doing well!