Thursday, January 10, 2013

Investment Time

I am finally here to update you on some of my investment moves I have made.

The first, I sold off some major gains I had from when I invested a small amount in college. I used this money to purchase 5 shares of Chipotle. Yes, I am a loser. I love their burrito and I now own 5 shares of the company. Sad, but true. I see some good growth for this company in the future. They are just starting to expand internationally and I believe the share price should go up to $400 a share at some point in the next couple of years. I will hold this one for a while. I have made $25 since I purchase it. I was up about $80 right after the fiscal cliff, but it has seen falling back down a little bit.

I have considered selling my position in Sirius XM for a while, however it continues to perform beautifully! It returned over 60% last year! With the resurgence of auto sales, I think this stock should continue to do well. I have made over $800 since this purchase. I was initially in at .05 a share and it is now at $3.16 a share. Almost 1,000% of my investment. I wish I would have put every dollar I had at the time in this company...ugh!

Lastly, I have $2,700 from an old retirement account to invest. I am unsure of where to put this money. I think a mutual fund would provide me with security, but less money. Also, I would love to put it in an aggressive stock to earn a lot more. I have considered looking into some established companies like Walmart, McDonald's, or Amazon to purchase with this money. I would love to hear some feedback on this one.

To this day, I have made $727 over the year from my stocks alone. Not too bad. I would like to increase this and start taking my capital gains and applying them to debt.

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