Saturday, February 22, 2014

ETSY Shop is Up!

We finally have the ETSY shop up. We are still working on some of the final details, but the items are up that we are offering. We will add some more in the future, but for now, we have two scarf designs and mittens. Later today, we will have a pillow cover that is beautiful! My wife is doing the final touches on it. We would love for you all to check out the listings -

I will keep you all updated on new items that make it into the store. We will be adding some winter hats that would be considered "beanies" in the next week or so. So check back to our blog or ETSY store for the new items.

If you have any questions/suggestions, we are always here to listen! We would love any insight you could provide from a buyer's standpoint. We would also love for you to buy something, too. :) All of the money made from ETSY will be used to pay down debt. The more items we sell, the more debt we pay off!

On a more infuriating note, we got our dues for our neighborhood association this week...$450! Normally, it is $85 a year. The reason we wanted this house was because there was no homeowner's association. The reason for the increase is because they want to do some sort of work on the front entrance sign and they received a quote for $17,000 for the work. The part that is infuriating is that they did not send out a vote to the homeowners. They just took it upon themselves to restore the front of the neighborhood. There was no warning to people about an increase of almost 500% on dues. Some people need to budget for that kind of money. Not everyone has this just lying around extra every month. Anyway, we think the front looks fine. Sure, it could be pressure washed, but there is no reason to replace it. I will try to post a picture of it later so you can see what I am talking about. 

I can't leave you all hanging on a down note, so our loan payment for my wife's loans were $125.47 this month! I am so excited about that. Considering we started this journey at $341.23 a month for her loans, we have made quite an improvement. We are right at the $9,000 mark now. We may go out to dinner to celebrate. I get so excited thinking about the possibility of these loans being gone by summer.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! We have some beautiful weather in Atlanta and I plan on being outside to enjoy it! 

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  1. "Total Debt Paid: $48,025.37"

    Holy crap you guys are kicking butt!
    Its certainly been awhile since I checked into the blog but my what progress has been made in my absence. Congratulations!