Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I really do not like cars

We took our car into the shop the other day and found out we have to replace the catalytic converter, $400. And, we have to buy two new front tires, $250. Why do these things have to be so expensive? We just spent $600 on it in September. Now, two months later, we have to spend another $650. Then, he started saying the new car phrase. It has got me a little scared. We sold our other car because this one was supposed to last us to at least 200,000 miles (@ 119,000 now). There is no way we can accrue more debt, especially a car payment. We have been working so hard. We will start to put a little money into a fund each month and pay cash for a piece of junk car to avoid going into debt.  However, this should still be a couple years away. We do not have to replace the converter yet, but he said it will be within a year or two. So, it is something we have to start accounting for. 

I am really looking forward to the week off coming up. I feel like I am running myself into the ground. Thank goodness for Thanksgiving!

 Hope everyone ends their week strong! 

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  1. Every time you are looking at car maintenance and you have to replace a piece... have you tried looking for the piece online? My dad had to replace the front lights, some belts and other things in my car when we first had it. We were quoted $650 total (the car only cost $800!). He went online and bought the pieces for $150 total, and labor was $200. Definitely worth it to look for additional pieces.