Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Hi guys! So sorry for the lack of updates on the website. We took some time away to enjoy Thanksgiving and do some things around the house with our week off.

It was certainly a busy week. We had the family over to our new home on Thursday for lunch. That required a lot of work to get the house ready, but it it was worth it!

We have noticed that our house is extremely drafty. I am not too happy about this. I just see dollar bills flying out of the window. In the summer, we had spray foam put in the attic to help control this, however, it is cold downstairs. Not too sure what to do about this. I would love to have an audit done, but I think those are $200?

Anyway, Rebekah and I had to put new tires on the car yesterday. We spent $252 on two new front tires! Ugh! I really do not enjoy the upkeep of the car. However, it is a lot better than having a car payment. Hopefully we are in the clear on the car for a while except for the $20 oil change probably in January.

We were also able to put $1,000 in savings! We did not pay any extra on debts this month because we want our savings to go up a little bit. We now have a little over $6000 in there. The furnace in the house is 17 years old, so I am wanting to stash some money away just in case we have otto replace that this winter. I think $6000 is pretty comfortable, so we should be ready to begin getting rid of some debts.

I will be posting a Black Friday observance post in the next couple of days. We saw some wild things when we went to the Belk down the road on Friday.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


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    1. Thank you for reading! We appreciate your encouragement!